PHOTOS: Voltic Ghana Is Reducing Plastic Waste Through Their Amazing Mobile Art Shop


Voltic Ghana launched it’s new and improved eco-friendly bottles in October.

These bottles have been designed with 7% less plastic to make it easier to twist and recycle once the product is consumed. This forms part of Voltic Ghana’s commitment to deal with the plastic menace that is plaguing the world and Ghana to be specific.

They didn’t end there.

VVIP’s Zeal came to show his support and joined in the plastic art being made

Last weekend, Voltic Ghana, as part of their #PutATwist campaign went to Nima with VVIP to play their part in making the environment better and safer.

In preaching the need for recycling and reusing plastic, Voltic set up their Swop Shop which allowed residents in the area to bring their plastic waste in exchange for Voltic souvenirs and cash.

Plastic bottles of all kinds being weighed in the background and a happy resident with her Voltic souvenirs

There was also a great display of plastic art and who knew that plastic could be used for amazing art?!

Voltic Ghana
There was an art exhibition where all the artwork was made entirely of plastic

Click ‘Next’ to see what they made in the mobile art gallery with plastic waste!


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