5 Reasons Why Your Bad Breath Is Keeping Your Crush Away


Imagine sitting by your crush in class or on the shuttle, leaning in to say hello and they wrinkle their nose like “what’s that smell?”

Yeah, the odour from your mouth dey stress them and you ankasa you know you brush your teeth so…wossop?

We know what the problems could be!

POOR DENTAL HEALTH: not brushing your teeth daily causes food particles to remain in your mouth which forms plaque-causing bad breath. So can you do what all the toothpaste ads say and just brush your teeth two times daily?
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INFECTIONS IN MOUTH: Sometimes bad breath can be caused by wounds in the mouth, tooth decay, gum disease or mouth sores, so if you think this could be it, go see a dentist.
TOBACCO PRODUCTS: Smoking causes its own unpleasant mouth odour and is most likely to cause gum disease, another source of bad breath so lay low on the smoking kakraa…your cool points will not reduce! We promise!
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COFFEE: We know you are trying to stay awake at night to learn but this can be the cause of bad breath due to its intense flavour as well as the effect it has on saliva production. Less saliva means an increase in odour-causing bacteria so…relax, don’t overdo it! Sometimes close the books and sleep cos nipa nso y3 d3n?
HIGH-SUGAR DIETS: We all enjoy sweets but they can be the reason why your crush is pulling his/her head back any time you sai “Hi”. This is because the bacteria that naturally exist in your mouth feed on sugars turning sweet treats into sour smells.
Carefully check these off your “why does my breath stink?” list and re-approach the love of your life. We promise, it will go way better than the last time and if you try these tips too, you will definitely end the day with a boyfriend/ girlfriend: Don’t Let Your Smile Drive Your Crush Away, Here Are Natural Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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Adu-Gyamfi Gillian


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