UG: Spice Up Your Braids!! Try These Amazing Styles.

Aren’t you tired of just tying your braids with a band and just leaving it like that?

There is a gallery of different styles you could do for your braids or twists!!

And we’ve got them right here for you.


Chic bun on box braids

This is probably the most popular way to style your box braids into a chic updo. The major advantage of buns is their variability. High buns can be bulky or more compact, loose or tight, simple or with elements of braiding.


Tied Up and Scarfed Braids Source:

Make a high ponytail, wrap it with a beautiful silken scarf or bandana and you already look awesome.


Twisted Crown. Image:

You can twist your ponytail or front section off your forehead, for instance.

Braids in Half-Up Pigtails

Half Up Half Down with pigtails, Image: Pinterest

Hello, 90s! we simply never fell out of love. You twist adorable half buns into spunky little cat’s ears. Can you tell we’re all about it? Yeah, we’re all about it.

Centre Part

Center parted braids. Image:

There is no going wrong with centre-parted box braids look.


Half Up, Half Down

Half up half down. Image:

With this, you just have to opt for a half-up, half-down style. While the bun up top is more relaxed, giving this look an overall chill vibe.

You can add hair accessories to make it more attractive.

Bye-bye to boring braids!

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