Lawyer For Alleged Coup Plotters Has Revealed Why His Clients Procured Guns


A Defence lawyer in the trial of persons accused of plotting to overthrow the government has revealed to an Accra High Court that attempts were made by some of the suspects to procure guns and proceeded to test them after gaining access at Teshie.

Victor Adawudu, who represents seven of the accused persons, however, maintains these guns were to be used to protect members of the group, Take Action Ghana and not meant to overthrow the government.

He told the court, presided over by Justice George Buadi, that members of the group were attacked during an outreach programme in the northern part of Ghana.

A serving soldier, Mr Adawudu, identified only as ‘Sulley’ (not standing trial) advised that guns are procured and registered to protect the group.

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Lawyer Adawudu on Monday urged the High Court to grant his clients bail. He insisted they were not engaged in any plot to overthrow the government but have simply been arrested because some of them are classmates from school days and others are childhood friends.

He insisted nothing had been put forward by the State to show that they were engaged in any such plot.

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While pledging to ensure his clients show up in court to stand trial he insisted a grant of bail is only fair since the State is not ready to commence the committal process.

Senior State Attorney Hilda Craig opposed the application.

She said the State does not suspect them of plotting but the State knows as a matter of fact that they agreed and plotted to overthrow the government.

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She maintained that some are serving officers of the armed forces and could interfere with investigations since the State’s witnesses include soldiers. She told the court that the State does not trust that they will show up in court to stand trial if granted bail.

“The activities of these persons do not show that they belong to a non-governmental organisation that needed weapons. Why not contact the police if they had concerns. As far as we are concerned, they had one intention, to overthrow the State. The State has overwhelming evidence and will provide it at the right time,” she said.


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