UG: How To Slow Things Down If Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast.


So you just met bae a week ago and you feel you’re rushing through all the important stages of a relationship.

I love yous said too soon? Or do you feel like your relationship is getting too physical too soon?

At this pace, it’s a no brainer that things are moving too fast and you need to press the reset button.

Here’s how

It’s about time you got serious with what you really want… Do you wanna keep things on the low? You don’t wanna start living a matrimonial life so fast? Tell them! Talk to each other until you reach a mutual agreement.

Take a break
Do the things you love…go back to your books if you’re a nerd. Do you love singing? Do that often. It will help keep things on an up and up for a while

Hang out with other friends.
Get busy, join a group, a club anything provided you’re not always together with boo. Distance, or in this case, separation makes the heart grow fonder thus they’ll start spending more time trying to know you better whenever they get the chance.

Make sure you’re comfortable with the pace of your relationship. Communicate with your partner if you’re not. That’s how strong relationships have survived to date.

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