Check Out 7 Ridiculous Jobs Queen Elizabeth II Has Her Staff Do

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II employs an astonishing 1,200 people just to keep the Royal Household up and running. The positions held by her staffers vary from cooks to chauffeurs and everything in between.

“One of the best things about working for the royal family is when you are recognized for your hard work,” Grant Harrold, former butler to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, told Town & Country. “The family would show this by inviting staff to Christmas parties, tea parties, and balls. A fond memory of mine is getting to dance with the Queen at the Gillies Ball in the Balmoral ballroom.” Nevertheless, working for the queen isn’t all about dancing and enjoying tea parties.

Of course, not everyone holds high-stress positions. The queen employs quite a few people whose jobs are, well, a bit bizarre. Click Next to see some of the most ridiculous jobs within the Royal Household.


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