Check Out 7 Ridiculous Jobs Queen Elizabeth II Has Her Staff Do


5. There’s someone to maintain Queen Elizabeth II’s stamp collection

Queen Elizabeth II viewing stamps
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Keeper of the Royal Philatelic Collection has to be one of the oddest titles to hold. Appointed by Queen Elizabeth II, the Keeper is entrusted with maintaining her personal stamp collection. Before being chosen for this position in 2003, Michael Sefi was already working for the royals as Deputy Keeper.

There’s a lot to do because the queen has a ton of stamps. “The red albums of King George V amount to around 17,500 album pages,” Sefi revealed. “The blue albums of King George VI will also contain many thousands of album sheets.” But that’s good news for Sefi. “For a serious, dedicated philatelist it is a tremendous privilege,” he said.


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