Twitter Reacts To The Possibility Of Weed Being Legalized In Ghana

Close up of dried marijuana leaves and tied end of marijuana joint with translucent rolling paper on white background

Earlier this week, GHOne asked a question online that got a lot of young people talking.


Talks of weed legalization have been going on in Ghana for a while now. Many known celebrities in the entertainment field, media and politics have all put out their opinions about the legalization topic.

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But what do the people think?

Earlier this week, Gh One asked a question online that brought in a lot of reactions. They spoke about the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Interior recommending the decriminalisation of the possession and use of marijuana and they posed the question:

“Do you support the legalisation of marijuana?”

The answers were very interesting. Some felt it was time, others were sceptical if Ghana’s involvement in Weed will ever amount to anything and some were just downright interesting!!!

Businesses were ready to risk it all

And some people were just understandably  concerned about the people

But for most, what’s the point in looking at another business venture when you haven’t even figured out your current business yet? Why try exploring marijuana when there are more pressing issues in the country?

What is your take on this? Do you think it’s time Ghana legalized marijuana or this is just going to be a bad move? Comment what you think.


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