There’s An Influencer On Instagram And…It’s A Bee!

Image: @Bee_nfluencer// Instagram

The world’s first bee influencer is gaining momentum on Instagram. The account known as @bee_nfluencer has gained 145,000 followers since launching in April to raise awareness for threatened bee populations.

Named B., the digitally rendered bee who wears hats enjoys architecture and knows that “ball is life” is the product of Fondation de France, a philanthropic network.

The goal is to secure brand sponsorships and put give those funds to the Bee Fund, which supports pollinator conservation projects in France.

B.’s posts are often educational, balancing cheeky captions with facts about tees and tips to help them in your everyday life.

But… B. loves to relax sometimes!

Image: @Bee_nfluencer// Instagram

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