Perchers We All Hate: The Ones Who Eat Your Food Without Asking


One of the worst things to experience during your time in Uni is a percher. Perchers are some headache.

Now for those who don’t know, a percher is someone who hasn’t paid to be in a room but lives there. The extra roommate that has no assigned bed. They either bring their own mattress to sleep on the floor or they sleep next to someone in the room.

Perchers exist in both male and female rooms and they can be a roommate’s friend, relative or even lover.

Now, there are different types of perchers.

Some mind their business, but others don’t.

One of the ones who don’t mind their business at all is the one who eats your food.

We are talking about the ones who DO NOTHING but someway somehow, find themselves in your locker/fridge, touching things that don’t belong to them.

Picture this: You have to go for lectures and you have a very long day ahead of you. Maybe three or four lectures, back to back and two hours for each lecture really no be joke.

Before you leave for lectures, you check on the rice you cooked the day before. There’s some left. You check your fridge…you still have some small stew left… the one Nadia prepared for you.

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