UG: Here Are A Few Things You Can Do To Avoid Getting The H3N2 Influenza!


So you don’t have the flu yet??

Then yayyyy.

You can do some things to ensure that you don’t get it and here they are:

Some foods can make your symptoms worse.

Avoid sugary foods, caffeinated drinks like coffee, alcohol, greasy foods, oily foods, milk and milk products.

You could also follow these precautions:

1.Don’t stay in the same room with people who are coughing or showing signs of illness.
2. Wash your hands with soap and under running water as often as possible especially when in public areas or after touching objects or shaking hands
3. Do not bring unclean hands near your nose or mouth
4. Drink plenty of water and other liquids
5. The virus grows and multiplies well in cold conditions so stay away from cold water, long stays in an AC room or under the fan
6. Eat fruits daily or take a good multivite pill every day
7. Take in hot tea with lime juice and honey to boost your immune system

And enjoy your flu-free life!!

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