Can’t Gain Weight? Your Body Probably Just Has High Metabolism

Having a high metabolism has its benefits; people with a high metabolism tend to burn calories faster than others with a low metabolism. On the other hand, having a fast metabolism can make it challenging to gain weight or maintain a healthy diet.

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If you have a high metabolism or a fast metabolic rate, it means your body uses energy (or burns calories) more rapidly than someone with a slower metabolism. Your metabolic rate can be influenced by many different factors such as gender, weight, hormone function, age, and physical activity levels. Generally speaking, the leaner your body mass, the faster your metabolism is.  

Signs of a fast metabolism 

Since we know that metabolic rates can be variable, you might be asking yourself “how fast is my metabolism?” There are a few signs that you might have a fast metabolism:   

  • You have difficulty gaining weight or keeping weight on, even though you eat regularly. 
  • You have a high body temperature, even when you are resting. 
  • You are often hungry or have an insatiable appetite, even after eating meals or snacks. 
  • You may need to urinate frequently because your body’s processing speed is increased. 

If you think you have a fast metabolism and you have an increased appetite, make sure you are eating wholesome, nutritious meals. That way, you reduce the risk of binge eating unhealthy foods.  

Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about your symptoms or if your body is under acute stress, which could indicate illness or a chronic health condition.  

Remember, if you have a fast metabolism, it means your body burns calories at a higher rate, so try eating more food to gain weight. Be mindful of what you eat, however, because consuming too much-refined sugars, like in candy or sugary drinks, can have negative effects on your health.  

Try to increase your calorie intake by eating frequently, having larger meals, and choosing foods with natural sugars found in whole grains or fruit. 

Some women may wish they had a faster metabolism because they think that having a fast metabolism will help them lose weight. On the other hand, women with a high metabolism might feel frustrated if they want to gain weight and ask themselves “why is my metabolism so fast?” Let this be a reminder that the grass is not always greener on the other side! Embrace the uniqueness of your own body, and remember that health comes in every size.  

Fast metabolism diet 

It’s not impossible to gain weight with a fast metabolism, but you need to eat foods that have a high caloric intake but are still healthy. Try incorporating the following foods into your diet: 

Nuts and seeds 

Carbohydrate-rich foods like whole-grain pasta, bread, and rice 

Protein-rich foods including legumes and animal products 

Natural high-sugar foods like fruit 

Make sure you’re eating regularly and often. Eat at least three full meals per day, with snacks in between. You should also be mindful of how many calories you’re burning in a day, and make sure that you aren’t burning more calories than you consume. 

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You might think that having a fast metabolism is better than slow metabolism, but remember: not everyone who has a fast metabolism likes it, especially if they want to gain weight. People with fast metabolism might also be more susceptible to binging on unhealthy foods like candy or desserts. But just because you can eat certain foods without gaining weight, doesn’t mean you should.  

Diet is just one part of your overall health. Check out for more articles about improving your health and wellness through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. 

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