8 Times Some Of Your Favorite Celebs Trolled Themselves On Social Media

Celebrities have some talents that go beyond their profession. Some are good at sports, cooking, or speaking different languages and others are masters at trolling themselves. Although some celebrities can get a lot of hate by trollers on the internet which can be hurtful, others just prefer to make fun of themselves first.

We collected 8 moments where celebrities were just too good at their trolling game.

1. Katy Perry showing how useful her Grammy dress is

10+ Celebrities Who Are Too Good at Trolling Themselves
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2. Macaulay Culkin is still Home Alone in 2019

3. Rihanna has been working way too much.


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i feel attacked. ***valley girl who’s never been attacked voice*** R9 chronicles.

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Fans are thirsty for Rihanna’s new music but the multi-talented star has been working on other projects.

4. Lil Nas X “admits” his video clip moves are inspired by real-life actions.

5. Ryan Reynolds and his tiny glasses addiction


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Still exploring the tiny glasses trend. Got these at Sunglass Hut for 19,000 dollars.

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Ryan Reynolds has been exploring the tiny glasses trend. This time, he took it too far.

6. This is the way Kylie Jenner wakes her daughter up.


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no caption needed

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Waking up her daughter Stormi by singing a warm “rise and shine” made Kylie blow up the internet. Internet users started a meme trend and Kylie decided to get in on the fun.

7. Josh Brolin made sure Thanos didn’t miss the 10-year transformation challenge.

8. Chrissy Teigen struggling with technology

Is your trolling game as good as theirs? Share some of your photos with us!

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