This Is How Long Women Want Sex To Last

In case you have been wondering the trick to impress your lady love in the bedroom, this story might give you a science-approved solution. A team of researchers from America tried figuring out the ideal duration of sex for a couple and concluded some pretty interesting facts. Here’s all you need to know about this study:


A study was conducted on 4000 men and women across the US and the UK to observe the sexual habits of people. All participants, between the ages of 18-35 who admitted to being sexually active in the past six months were asked two questions-how long did they have sex for and what is the time duration they would like their intercourse to actually last. The results were surprising, to say the least, and also differed between the two genders.


As it turns out, women wanted intercourse to last a little longer than their partners. Women involved in the survey said that the time duration of 25 minutes and 51 seconds was considered to be “ideal”, which gave them the feeling of having good sex and feeling satisfied. Coming in close were men in the survey, who felt that good sex should last for 25 minutes and 43 seconds.

While the results kind of match for both genders, when quizzed about their current sexual activities, women, in particular, complained about their partners not being able to last long in bed, with most women reporting 11-14 minutes as the average record.

 Best and the worst time to have sex

Mid adult couple lying in bed

Men, on the other hand, reported lasting longer in bed with increasing age and experience- implying that practice indeed makes a man perfect!

Another study in the past found out that between both the genders, women also faced a drop in their libidos when they engaged in sexual intercourse during nighttime. Men and women have a contrasting difference as and when their libidos spike up. Women, unlike men, tend to be more tired during the night, which comes in the way of good, intense sexual intercourse. Majority of the women polled in the survey voted in favour of having morning sex, which gets them going.


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