Meet King YAHWEH The Holy Ghost: The “Ghanaian King” Who Crowned Lisa Raye “Queen Mother Of Ghana”


First of all… Ghana is a Republic… Meaning we don’t have royalty, or one royal family ruling the entire country as it exists in the United Kingdom – The Queen of England.

No… we are a republic, that is why we have a President as it exists in the United States of America – The President of the United States of America… Don’t get confused….y’all.

In Ghana, we have the President of the Republic of Ghana in the person of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

However, we do have traditional rulers or royal families who lead specific traditional areas. They are a lot in Ghana, some are more powerful than some. But one thing remains true… none of them is King or Queen of Ghana. They could be a King or Queen in Ghana – as in one of many – but not King or Queen of Ghana. Nope.. that doesn’t exist and it never will.

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The last time Ghana was ruled by a Queen, the Queen was white, lived in Buckingham Palace. But we broke off that relationship on 1st July 1960 through the leadership of a black man called Kwame Nkrumah.

No… he didn’t become a King, he was a Prime Minister to the white Queen then he became the PRESIDENT on 1st July, 1960.

With this little education out of the way, let’s introduce you to someone who calls himself THE IMPERIAL MAJESTY KING YAHWEH, affectionately recognized as King YAHWEH The Holy Ghost.

Yes… he calls himself this because the 1992 Constitution that is used to rule does not recognize anyone with such title.

He claims he is the founder of the Kingdom of YAHWEH and several organizations established to assist individuals who cannot assist themselves.

According to him, he was duly crowned and ordained by YAHWEH as the Imperial King. We don’t know who this YAHWEH is… God?

Also, he was reportedly “officially” enstooled as Chief (King) in April 2015, and “His kingship hails out of territories including the regions of Mankessim Traditional Area, and Agona Kwanyako, Central Region, Ghana. He is the first person in Ghana’s history to be enstooled in two different villages in the same lifetime. His stool names in each community respectively are Nana Edu Ababio, Chief of the Mankessim Traditional Area, Central Region and  Nana Nyarko Adu-Asare II Chief of Agona Kwanyako, Central Region,” according to his website.

Now let’s be clear here… there are actual Ghanaian born chiefs in all these places mentioned above. None have abdicated their throne in his favour. What is customary in these mentioned traditional areas is that, when someone undertakes philanthropy work in their communities they could choose to bestow on you a chieftaincy title in recognition to your humanitarian services to their communities. We call it development chiefs – these chiefs have no royal power. They have no right in determining the traditions and customs of the people as the actual royal born chiefs do.

It’s like a university giving someone an honorary doctorate degree for contributions to areas of interest of the university. It doesn’t make you a doctor with a scholarly degree – just honourary.

Now, “The Imperial King YAHWEH, The Holy Ghost, has known residences in cities within the United States including Beverly Hills, Atlanta, and Miami,” his website says.

His website continues to describe “The Kingdom of YAHWEH a faith-based organization/movement that believes in identifying with people today, while not judging the critically misunderstood person of yesterday. His Majesty vehemently promotes the simple truth that everyone deserves a second chance in life to make better choices and welcomes people from all walks of life regardless of race, creed, culture or religious beliefs.”

“The Kingdom of YAHWEH serves as freedom’s global bridge to peace and prosperity for all nations to connect, network, and collaborate in fostering a better tomorrow for all people. His Majesty’s focus includes assisting the communities in the redevelopment of distressed communities and generating essential services to enhance the quality of life of families. His global ambassadors network with international officials, prime ministers, and other key leaders to offer our support in developing solutions to their local community issues.”

Ok… this could be one giant philanthropy network… we cannot tell.

But be rest assured that no one can be called King, Queen or Queen Mother of Ghana. It’s like someone waking up one day and describing themselves as King, Queen or Queen Mother of the United States of America.

You deal with that person at your own risk.

By the way, December in Ghana is going to be lit!

All roads lead to Ghana this December – actually- next month.


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