Kwesi Arthur, Pappy Kojo & Others, Question Kojo Cue At “For My Brothers” Album Launch

Not a last of a dying breed, but Ko-Jo Cue has clearly made it evident that he is one of a kind, a gem, and a rare species.  Only a few people, over the years, have been able to stay true and authentic to their sound and what they stand for as musicians and he is unquestionably one of them.

November 1, 2019 will go down in history as the day we witnessed greatness, poetry, lyricism, style, storytelling, art, poignance, rhythm and cutting-edge rhyme schemes embodied in an album; FOR MY BROTHERS. After seven mixtapes, chale! a debut album of this quality has been long overdue, and boy we are impressed. It was the hope for this excitement and thrill that drove us through the annoying Friday traffic from Trasacco to Nima to be part of an experience and a celebration of the birth of “Simba”, because obviously without a doubt (even though we hadn’t listened to the album yet), we expected this new baby to King over any other project released this year.

As it’s usually done, launch and listening sessions happen before albums drop for the public, but the BBNZ signee took a slightly different approach by hosting this a few hours after the album dropped on all streaming sites. It was an exclusive experience with some of the artistes featured on the project, industry mates, as well as family and friends. So, you know having to be there was a big deal for us.

The event kicked off at 6pm with an intimate listening session and discussion where six people meet Cue and his team alone in a room and different groups took turns to do this. Elsewhere at the back of the building (The BBNZ Live Bar), award winning MC, Kojo Manuel, held the fort with support from DJ Sleek & Joojo DJ, who got us dancing and bopping like puppets on their strings. DJ Vyrusky, Pappy Kojo, Kwesi Arthur, J.Derobie, Worlasi, Yung Pabi, DredW, Magnom, Shaker and a tall list of other industry folk were there to show their support.

At about 9pm, it was time for Cue to finally join everyone at the BBNZ Live bar for a QnA session. Questions flew in and answers were given. There were hilarious moments but since retelling jokes be long, we will skip those and get to the point.

Answering Kwesi Arthur’s question on what his creative process was for the album after a few other people asked theirs, Ko-Jo gave credit to one of his team members called Evans for helping him stay on track. “He was the one that helped me structure my thoughts…My mind be some way… things don’t always connect. I can be working on Workaholics Anonymous – say a line, and that gives me another idea and I’m gone. – he said. Shout out to Evans for “giving us an album” chale! Whoever and wherever you are. You are the real MVP.

Pappy Kojo questioned him on the timing of the release. Ko-Jo Cue revealed he had always held back albums due to hisconstant worries about how people will accept it. Nevertheless, he has grown into a space where he believes he should care slightly little about that, and focus more on how it makes him feel and the message he wants to convey. That’s why he chose to release the album now. He disclosed that he has shelved about four albums because he has always put people’s feelings before his.

As the night grew and the QnA went on, Cue credited artist, painter, graphic designer and illustrator, Hanson Akatti, for inspiring him a couple of years ago to create this album. Cue shared how Hanson told him at an art exhibition that he (Cue) hasn’t pushed his potential enough, and that statement someway somehow, inspired him to delve deeper within to create this masterpiece.

“For My Brothers” is out now, and it features top artistes likeWorlasi, A.I., J.Derobi, Show Dem Camp, Lady Donali, Boyd, Raphaela, Anae, Ms Fu, Adomaa, VI Dream Team, Maayaa and Dzyadzorm.

The album launch was a small and dope experience and it ended with jams through the night and we will surely bring you a review of the album later so don’t forget to stay with us!


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