Kirani Ayat And Worlasi On A Song About Sex Is What You Didn’t Know You Need

The music producers, Plugwill and Sixtrees (PlugN6ix) put Worlasi and Kirani Ayat on a song and of course, we loved it!

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Worlasi and Ayat are two authentic and amazingly talented artistes whose music we really cannot get enough of.

On the track, titled Cannibal, Worlasi sings about a woman who dey stress him because of sex. He killed the chorus and his verse ranting about the nympho who just can’t get enough of him!

Illustrated and designed by Neil Renner

Ayat switched things on his verse. Apparently he’s as much of a nympho as the girl in question and wants everything she’s got to offer.

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The song is extremely fun with great production from the producers, PlugN6ix.

It’s definitely a feel-good song and it’s obvious the artistes enjoyed working on the song. The message will catch your attention and if you don’t dance in excitement from listening to this song, we need to test your music sense.

Cannibal is PugN6ix’s debut single in the music scene and for a first track, it’s impressive what they’ve done. We can’t wait for more music from the producing duo!

Get Cannibal on all streaming platforms: Cannibal 


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