This Is The Age When You Have The Best Sex Of Your Life!


If you think that having mindblowing sex was only reserved for those in their twenties, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. A lot of people tend to relate great sex with being young and having an ideal body (read curves and biceps).

However, it is not always the case as your age doesn’t really have to determine the quality of your sex life and neither does your body type.

What exactly is the best age to have sex?

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According to research called ‘Singles in America’ conducted by in the year 2018, the majority of the people agreed that their best sex was in their sixties, specifically 66-year-old single women and 64-year-old single men. No, we are not kidding.

What does it mean?

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For starters, it reaffirms the notion that great sex does not have an expiry date and does not need anything more than a desire to rock the bed. In fact, it actually challenges a lot of misconceptions floating around, linking amazing sex to having a great physique or being young.

The study also points out that almost 75 per cent of the older adults were pretty happy with their sex lives, possibly because they knew what they wanted in the bed and how they wanted it. Older women, specifically reported that they enjoyed having sex more with age. The younger adults, in stark contrast, were probably not as comfortable in their skin and had set impossibly high standards when it came to lovemaking.

One of the crucial reasons could be that the younger lot tends to focus more on the concept of the ‘ideal body’ instead of simply enjoying themselves.

The bottom line

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If there is any takeaway from the study, it is that one should not deny themselves the simplest pleasures of life by worrying about things that won’t matter after a certain point of time in life. You might have the ‘best sex’ of your life in your sixties, simply because there are fewer expectations and you are experienced enough to know exactly what you want.

However, this does not mean that you have to lose hope right now. Remember, to focus less on your body and more on the pleasure the next to you get frisky; you are bound to have a great time.

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