CCTU: Need A Student Loan? Here’s How And When To Apply!!



The Students Representative Council (SRC) wishes to inform the entire student populace that application for students loan for the 2019/20 academic year will be opened to the public on Monday 4th November 2019.

Emphases on full online application and acceptance of only substantive SSNIT numbers.

•Visit to apply online
•After completing the filling of the form online print it out.
•You and your guarantor are to send the form to any SSNIT office for your thumbprint and signature.
•You and your guarantor can take the form to different SSNIT officers for your signature and thumbprint
•The form should be stamped and signed by any SSNIT officer who works on it.

•You should also get a witness to stamp and sign.
•Before you submit the form to the SLTF office, add a copy of your Students ID, Ez-wich Card and SSNIT permanent number.

Note that, The name you used to apply for admission into the institution should be the same name you use to register for your SSNIT number and Ez-wich Card.

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