Wanlov Moves To Sister Deborah On Twitter


Wanlov and Sister Deborah are siblings goals.

They clearly love each other.

Wanlov posts Sister Deborah on his Instagram almost every day.

However, as a big brother, Wanlov still assumes his responsibilities of correcting his sister even when he needs to do so publicly.

The siblings have long campaigned on climate change and plastic waste.

They even collaborated on a song called “RefuseReuseRecycle”.

Yesterday, Sister Deborah sent a tweet that commended Voltic for its new environmental friends platic bottle which according to Sister Deborah is made from 7% less plastic. As a strong campaign for the protection of the environment from plastic waste, Sister Deborah was understandably impressed in the effort made by Voltic Ghana.

However, her brother Wanlov wasn’t. In a quote tweet, Wanlov claimed 7% less plastic is not enough and that if Voltic increased production, it would negate any postive results the 7% less plastic is supposed to achieve.

Wanlov then moved to his sister and said “please don’t say we. Concentrate on the recycling aspect and not these trivial percentages which will cancel out [because they] cover the bottle tops in another plastic seal again.”

Obviously, people reacted…


No… this is not trouble in paradise. This is a loving brother giving constructive criticism to his sister about a project they both strongly believe in.

Watch RefuseReuseRecycle below:

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