UG: You Might Have Missed These At Matriculation But We Didn’t!!


UG Matriculation 2019 was one of the best ever seen!

Seen crocs matched with a suit before? Nah.

If you missed it, don’t worry, we caught a couple of things on cam just for you!! The glam, the weird and the funny…all caught on camera by

She did a full split for the camera


Looking goood in boots and a print suit









Matriculating in Neon


The police were around to make sure nothing interrupted the ceremony


The lengths everyone goes through to get the perfect picture


If you cannot wear heels, get matching sneakers instead


Students always go out of their way to look their best for the matriculation



Crocs and a suit? This must have been inspired by Pappy Kojo

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cute? or it’s just the hair!? The smiles on the faces of the first years were too bright to miss


Count Dracula is that you??


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