These Are Sure Hints That Your Ex Wants You Back

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Dealing with people you’ve been in past relationships with can be tricky. Do you stay friends with exes, or leave them in the past? Someone you were once so close with can become an utter mystery as you try to determine if their intentions are now purely friendly and platonic, or covertly flirtatious.

Reading these signs can be pretty difficult, and can lead to a lot of awkward conversations. Whether you are interested in getting back together, want to maintain a healthy friendship, or would like to keep your distance altogether, it’s important to know what is going through your ex’s head as well. To gain some clarity in your situation, check out these 9 sure hints your ex wants you back.

They constantly contact you.

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If your ex is always finding reasons to randomly message or call you, then this is a sign they are still into you and want to be apart of your daily life.

They are genuinely into what you’re up to.

If your ex is always asking how you are and is seriously interested in your current situation, they likely still care about you.

They offer you advice.Image result for ex constantly texting you gif

Any former romantic partner who is willing to listen and give you advice about your life is likely still very concerned about you and your pursuit of happiness.

They still get jealous.

Someone who is no longer interested in you wouldn’t get jealous if you move on with someone else, right? If your ex is still throwing disses every time you mention a new crush, they definitely want you back.

They say that they’ve changed.

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If you two broke up because of some bad behaviour on their part, you ex may want you to know that they’ve progressed since then. If they are constantly reminding you that they’ve changed for the better, they probably want you to give them another chance.

They interact frequently with your social media. 

If your ex is always liking 10 to 15 random posts of yours at a time, they are likely trying to send you a not so subliminal message.

They post stuff they know will get your attention. 

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Is your ex always posting stuff that feels directed towards you, like quotes about making up or being a better person? Chances are, it is about you and they are hoping you’ll pick up on it.

They constantly bring up insiders from your past relationship.

Does your ex always find a way to work in old jokes, past trips or good times you’ve had into the conversation? They probably want you to remember how much you enjoyed being with them, and hopefully make you feel nostalgic enough to get back together.

They remind you how much your family liked them. 

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If you got to the stage in your relationship where your ex met your family, they could definitely use this to their advantage when trying to remind you why you were great together. If your ex is always reminding you how much your mom or dad loved hanging out with them, this is a pretty clear sign they want you all to be one big happy family again.


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