Snapchat Down: Users Are Unable To Send Snaps And Load Messages


Snapchat users are being plagued by problems this afternoon, leaving them unable to send snaps to their friends and family.

Independent outage monitor Downdetector has registered over 9,000 reports at one time from users insisting Snapchat is not working properly.

An outage map on the site showed areas across the world affected by the issues. The UK and eastern parts of the US were noted to have been hit the hardest by the outage.

In response to the issues plaguing Snapchat, a deluge of users have migrated to Twitter to express their frustration.

One said: “Why does Snapchat always go down when I’ve got important messages to send?”

Another wrote: “Why is snapchat always down tho?”

A third tweeted: “Why is everyone complaining snapchat is down? It never works anyway.”

A fourth declared: “Snapchat is down like once a week now…”

Snapchat down

Snapchat has said it’s “looking into” the current issues plaguing its app.

It’s currently unclear what has caused the Snapchat outage or how long it will be before it’s back to working normally.

The newest batch of problems for Snapchat comes less than a week after another major outage.

Last Wednesday, October 9, the app similarly suffered from issues that prevented users from sending snaps.


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