Prison May Have Changed Kwaw Kese But He Still Wants Weed Legalized In Ghana


One unforgettable moment in the history of Ghanaian showbiz was the arrest of rapper Kwaw Kesse, in 2014 when he was arrested for the possession and smoking of marijuana.

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It can be recalled that the musician spent some time in the Kumasi Central Prison until he was released some weeks after.

Recounting these tragic moments in an exclusive interview with Hammer, host of Hammer Time on Pure Fm, Kwaw Kesse admits to the fact that doing time in Prison has actually changed him for the better.

“Jail made me transition from a boy to a man. Some of these things happen so we learn from them and I wouldn’t like anyone to go through that“. He said.

However, it appears that the rapper hasn’t changed his view on the decriminalization of marijuana and expressed his disappointments with the way we treat marijuana in Ghana.

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“I don’t see why legalization is a big deal. People are investing billions of dollars into it and it’s sad we think it can only be smoked but we can use it for other important things. Its hypocritical of us to criminalize it while some people in government and some very important people smoke weed. I don’t see why we should be burning acres of weed farms instead of making money from it.” He said

Source: MypureFM Online


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