Here Are The Poisonous Types of People Who Are Killing Your Confidence


It may seem like the people who show signs of negativity are “toxic,” but that’s not always the case. We all probably have that “friend” who wishes only the best for us, but suddenly gets upset when we achieve something. Or the people who behave like they know everything. If you feel that something is off, you might not be overreacting. So it’s better to be able to quickly spot the people who can poison your life.

We understand that we’re surrounded by different types of people and sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether their behaviour is manipulative or if you’re being too sensitive. But if you feel that communicating with them is only hurting you, it’s better to make sure they don’t belong to one of these types of poisonous people.

Highly opinionated people

11 Poisonous Types of People That Are Killing Our Confidence

While having an opinion and standing up for it is a good trait, sometimes people act like their opinion is the only thing that matters. Opinionated people can easily cross their boundaries and start giving unsolicited advice. They rarely consider the feelings of others or worry that they’re hurting someone with their remarks.

Opinionated people may say they’re sharing the harsh truth with you for your own benefit, but it’s not true. They usually try to boost their own self-esteem by using you and if you can’t set boundaries it’s probably better to just go away.

Gossip mongers

11 Poisonous Types of People That Are Killing Our Confidence

It seems like some people just can’t leave others alone. They know all the juicy details about the people in both of your lives and can’t wait to share this information with you. However, constantly listening to rumours and fake news only brings more negativity and influences your perception of life.

Keep in mind, that there’s a high possibility that a person who gossips with you is likely to share information about your personal life with others, as well. It also makes you a target and may make you feel like that person is only communicating with you to dig up some dirt on you and the people around them.

Conversation narcissists

11 Poisonous Types of People That Are Killing Our Confidence

Some people have the ability to turn every conversation into something about themselves. Conversation narcissists usually do all the talking and love to be the centre of every conversationIt doesn’t seem like they’re concerned at all with your life or the things you may want to share with them.

While it might be a natural desire for every person to want to talk about themselves, after having a chat with a conversation narcissist you may feel emotionally empty. They act like your emotions aren’t important enough so they use you to express themselves and boost their ego.

Emotional vampires

11 Poisonous Types of People That Are Killing Our Confidence

Sometimes it feels like some people can drain your happiness and energy with just a simple conversation. Emotional vampires are usually manipulative, feed on negative emotions, and can easily dominate people, but their victims don’t recognize this.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to spot an emotional vampire. If you always end up being anxious and depressed after an interaction with a certain person, then something is probably wrong. Take a closer look at your relationships to address the situation.

Control freaks

11 Poisonous Types of People That Are Killing Our Confidence

Dealing with controlling people can be quite a challenge. They usually obsess over small things and dictate to others how they should behave. Control freaks always know better than you and you’re left with no choice: either follow their directions or deal with their emotional outburst.

Controlling people can kill your confidence by saying how you should feel and how you should behave. They don’t provide enough space for you to express your individuality and make your own decisions without getting their approval first.


11 Poisonous Types of People That Are Killing Our Confidence

Manipulators know what they want and they don’t mind ignoring your interests to get it. They can be very charismatic and people love them. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that they rarely make close friends and are not good at long-term relationships.

Manipulators twist everything you say to their benefit and will probably make you sound like you’re crazy if you confront them about it. Try to stay in touch with your real feelings to know when you’re being manipulated and dragged into situations you don’t want to be in.


11 Poisonous Types of People That Are Killing Our Confidence

Cynics can bring too much negativity into your life. While, in recent years, many movies portray these people as appealing and the ones who truly understand the very essence of life, romanticizing them can be detrimental to your psychological stability. Cynics can drive you crazy with their inability to find a silver lining, be supportive, or just be happy for you.

Cynics tend to undermine your confidence, making you feel like your achievements mean nothing and expect you behave in a certain way. Cynics easily feel rejected and insecure, but it’s not your job to fix their psychological traumas, so sometimes relationships with these people aren’t meant to last.

Have you ever had to deal with the types of people described in this article? How did you manage to handle the situation? We’d love to hear about your personal experience in the comments.


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