Here Are 8 Self-Checks Every Woman Should Do


Taking care of yourself physically is a big part of self-care that every woman should invest time into. Take considerations to look out for certain signs inside and out, for the benefit of no one other than yourself.

1. STI test.

Unless you’ve been with the same partner for a long time, you should have a yearly sexual health screening. No symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have an STI.

8 Self-Checks Every Woman Should Do | Her Beauty

2. Breast test. 

You only need a mammogram depending on your age and family history, but you should self-check your breasts frequently enough to know what’s normal and be aware of how to spot changes.

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3. Check your skin.

Regular self-exams can prevent skin cancer and is especially important for people with multiple moles, fair skin, red hair, or a cancerous/precancerous history. Dark rough patches under the underarms might signify diabetes.

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4. Dental checkup. 

You can’t do this yourself, so go to the dentist at least once annually. If you have problems with your teeth this number may increase. Dental checkups provide preventative care as well as scoping out any current problems.

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5. Check your nails

We’re not just talking a manicure check! Look out for dark lines on your nail bed, or black, yellow, and brown stripes which signify cell damage and possibly melanoma.

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6. Eye test. 

After the age of 40, the risk of developing further issues with sight increases, but with all the blue light our generation looks at, we should still be getting them tested at least once every two years.

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7. A regular pulse check. 

Checking your pulse and heart rate at a regular rate can be a sign of heart issues, an overactive thyroid, or atrial fibrillation.

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8. Check your eyelids 

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For tiny, small lumps that look waxy or white. These often signify tiny deposits of cholesterol under the skin and can mean high cholesterol levels.


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