5 Steps To Getting Paid What You Deserve In The Workplace


Sometimes we feel the work we put into our jobs and what is requested of us in our roles do not match up with our salaries at the end of the month.

If you are confident that you deserve more, try these tips on how to get a salary increase.

Negotiate BEFORE taking the job

I attended a discussion for a women’s group on negotiation. The female Human Resources professionals and executives on the panel were AMAZED by how few women negotiated salaries. These panellists had a responsibility to their companies to get the best candidate at the lowest salary but they all had wiggle room and wanted desperately for the female candidates to negotiate with them. Sadly almost none do.

At your next interview, when salary comes up, give them a salary range that STARTS at your slightly uncomfortable ask and goes up to your really uncomfortable ask. That’s probably the range you deserve.

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Find out what other people are making

We are conditioned to believe talking about money is taboo. That’s one way to keep the wage gap exactly as it is. If your company isn’t transparent around salaries, start Googling and asking. There are polite ways to do this.

“I know this is something most people don’t often talk about and I’m fine if you don’t want to tell me but I’m about to ask for a raise, would you mind letting me know what you’re making?”

You can do this inside your company or with someone else in a similar field or position.

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Calculate your value

If by doing the above you uncover that you’re being underpaid, don’t go to your boss in a huff and demand a raise. First, calculate the value you bring to the company. List some of your recent accomplishments.

If you can attach bottom-line results, great, but if you’ve influenced the culture, morale, productivity, efficiency, market perception or anything else, that counts too.

Then request one on one time to discuss.

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Own it while you hone it

This is my phrase to replace “fake it till you make it.” No one should aspire to be a fake. But you DO need to start acting as though you deserve the salary you desire, especially when it’s time for that Value Calculation Conversation.

Develop the body language and speech patterns of the leader and earner you want to be. Get rid of “upspeak,”  which makes everything sound like a question. Get rid of the “kindas” and “sortas” “mights” and “maybes” and other minimizing words that cause people to subconsciously question your worth.

Now that you know all of this. All the best in getting a salary increase!!!

Source: Women Networking

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