#ThrowbackMusic: Ayigbe Edem Deserves Accolades For These Absolute Bangers

Ayigbe Edem

One artiste some people look over is Edem.

He started as Ayigbe Edem and deserves legendary status for making it in an industry where music was done heavily in some specific languages (Twi and English).

Ayigbe Edem wasn’t the first but he’s left an imprint in the music industry as one of the few who got Ghanaians to accept his music even though he was doing it in his native language, Ewe.

These are some of the songs he made, that got us all dancing and we will never forget the impact these songs had!


Hammer went off on this beat! This song did so well and was everywhere and even now, just listening to this again…it all makes sense why some people referred to Edem as GH’s Lil Wayne.  The video reminds us so much of Lil Wayne’s Leather So Soft! Kwabena Kwabena was an interesting touch to the song and…it worked!!!



Anyone else notices that Edem gives us the best music videos every time? This song was a banger and featured the Zambian rapper, Ice Queen and the king of hooks, Lil Shaker!

Bra Fre Me


Edem featured Tinny on this and it’s one of the best songs till date! The video dierr, the ‘chicken’ the girls were dancing slapped us with nostalgia!! If you are old or young enough, you will remember seeing people perform to this song on stage in Senior High School! Hardest song ever!

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The GH-Naija chemistry was too thick in this song! It had a dance too that made it easier for those who don’t know how to dance right? Edem’s attempt at what was patois was a dope addition to the song. And the video…Edem’s always been creative with his videos and that zombie dance from Michael Jackson’s Thriller made it even more enjoyable.

You dey craze


Forget Young Money…Last Two in Ghana was the best charle!! This song featured Sarkodie and Kwaw Kese and we will never forget how everyone went in hard on the song.

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Over Again


Best. Song. Ever. No love song hits harder than this, to be honest. The video was fun, the song was amazing and no one has made music this good in awhile! Argue with your favourite artists.

Edem gave us many more hits and any time we talk about how great music was in the 2000s, we will remember Edem for his contribution too.

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The best news is, he’s still active in the music industry and still very relevant and we appreciate all the good music he’s been serving us!!

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