UENR: Meet Hardy, The UENR Alumnus Who Is Also An Exceptional Entrepreneur

Diedong Hardy Salim

Hardy, Salim, iHardy…. are some of the names we call this young, talented and business-minded alumnus of the University of Energy and Natural Resources.

He has been nominated by the Africa Tertiary Entrepreneur Awards for Young Entrepreneur of the year.

We had a brief conversation with him and got to know things about him that most people don’t know. Guy wei y3 guy!

KUULPEEPSUENR: So Hardy, what’s your full name and age?

HARDY: I’m Diedong Hardy Salim well known as just Hardy but then onliners hit me up as iHardy. Yh that is my username on social media. As for my age, I am 24 years old for now..lool.

KUULPEEPSUENR: Haha. 24 is not a small age. What are you doing at the moment (student/worker)?

HARDY: At the moment, well at the moment I am a service person and  CEO for CS Kitchen by day then in the evening I become a delivery man for CS Kitchen.

KUULPEEPSUENR: So more often we hear CS Kitchen and see your posters everywhere.  We see you and your team at almost every event. What is CS Kitchen? Tell us more about it.

HARDY: CS Kitchen is a virtual restaurant. Virtual in the sense that we don’t have an eatery, we give food lovers, like our customers a delivery-only eating experience. The virtual restaurant business is a trend that’s gaining grounds in the UK and US. It is taking over from the traditional brick and mortar restaurants. The younger generation enjoys this order and delivery thing than to go out and buy stuff. This includes shopping for clothes, sneakers, glasses, phones and the likes. That is the trend the virtual restaurant thing is coming from.

Hardy displays CS kitchen package.

KUULPEEPSUENR: Oh ok. So what actually motivated you to start CS Kitchen?

HARDY: That is something I personally enjoying doing. The online shopping thing. That’s part of the reason. Then one thing too is the delivery, I just enjoy doing it.

KUULPEEPSUENR: Oh ok. So you deliver pizza to your girlfriend always, right? Hahaha. By the way are you single or attached?

HARDY: This question dier. Lol. I’m dating.

KUULPEEPSUENR: So we should be expecting the wedding bells soon errr.

HARDY: Yeah. Definitely. Haha

KUULPEEPSUENR: What drives you to be an entrepreneur?

HARDY: Like mentors or my own personal something? If it is about my own personal motivation then it’s because I like to solve problems for the society. I try to make it a better place. Something like CS Kitchen is a food delivery system that helps students on campus. But then for my mentors, all the people I look up to in this life are top entrepreneurs.

Spicy Barbecue Chicken From CS Kitchen

KUULPEEPSUENR: You want to be like KFC’s, the Kwame Despite’s and others?

HARDY: Exactly.

KUULPEEPSUENR: You have been nominated by the Africa Tertiary Entrepreneur Awards for Young Entrepreneur of the year. How do you feel about this nomination?

HARDY: Erm you, see it’s like people do recognise what I do. The kind of impact I want to make. So yeah I feel good about it and all.

KUULPEEPSUENR: So like you have been recognized by the society that’s why they feel they have to nominate you for this portfolio.

HARDY: Yes, please.

CS Kitchen Spicy Jollof

KUULPEEPSUENR: What does winning it mean to you?

HARDY: Chale a lot. So I am begging you guys to vote. It is just GHS 0.50 per vote. Dial *714*66# then the nominee code be 694.

KUULPEEPSUENR: Go get it, man. We are behind your back like defenders.

KUULPEEPSUENR: Where do you see yourself in some years to come?

HARDY: You see the whole society is like a food chain. Yeah, I want to be at the top of that food chain impacting lives.

KUULPEEPSUENR: Nice nice. What advice do you have for the youth?

HARDY: Chale we have to dream big and follow our passion. Do something that gives you joy. The thing you do must excite you. Yeah, Just the thought of it. Then you try to build your life around that, build your success around something that you enjoy doing. That way, you are always motivated to keep going. You don’t need moral from anybody.

KUULPEEPSUENR: That’s a hard one bro. Cool one there.

KUULPEEPSUENR: Anything you will like to add?

HARDY: Ok so at CS kitchen, we are coming out with something. We are still finalizing the plan. It will be like a foundation. We want to feed kids for free. Like the school kids and those on the streets. And yeah you heard it here first, Kuulpeeps.

KUULPEEPSUENR: Aaaaawww! Thank you so much for chatting with us!

HARDY: Lol! Thank you too for having me.

You can connect with him on Instagram @ihardy.s

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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