Cina Soul’s New Visuals “Killi Mi” Flips The Script On Stereotypes In Abusive Relationships

Cina Soul has released her major single for the year and we are excited because she has decided to tackle a very sensitive topic “abusive relationships“.

The song has different elements of sounds which gave it a distinctive sound and feel. The song was produced by the NiiQuaye, the song has underlining instruments like the saxophone, the bass and electric guitar running throughout the song. This brought out the uniqueness of the beat.

A Cina Soul song is never complete without adding the whole Jamestown(Nshona) vibe to make the song the perfect Cina Soul song.

Cina Soul is very distinct with her craft, with a sense of identity and belonging she fuses her lyrics with both Ga and English languages making it appealing to the majority of her audience.

Killi Mi” translates to Killing Me. The message in the song tackles the sensitive aspect of being in an “abusive relationship”.

The music is accompanied by stunning visuals by the creative Gene Adu.

The video begins with a powerful message

We tell ourselves every time it’s the last time; that it won’t happen again and then it does. I know you hurt me because I hurt you. I forgive you because I love you, every time you break me I try to fix you, but what happens in the end when I’m broken beyond repairs“.

In the video, she makes it a point to portray the two side of the story. She plays the role of an abuser and her screen partner is the victim, this narrative is very rare when men keep mute when they find themselves in an abusive relationship.

She later plays the role of the victim, this throughs more light on the reality on the ground. These both instances in the video end up tragically with either the victim having a bruise and to the extreme, the victim dies. These were perfectly portrayed in the video.

In a tweet she talks about how she learnt about Abuse “I learnt about domestic, sexual and emotional abuse this year and we put it in a song to raise awareness. I can’t do it alone. RT and share this to your friends and family!

Cina Soul is signed to The Universal Music Group, Nigeria

Watch the video below:


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