In His Own Words: DBlack Details 15 Years Of Failure And Success


Life has twist and turns. One minute you are soaring high, marching onwards to dreams you could have never even imagined.

However, there are other times you feel like you’re going backwards and the journey has become harder than you bargained for.

That is when we come to a crossroad…to press on or to just give up… “after all, I can’t come and kee myself,” one giving up would say.

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If you’re someone like the award-winning musician and businessman DBlack, you’d know that it is true when they say life is not a bed of roses.

There’s is the good, the bad, the ugly and the best.

What DBlack has shown us in his recent Instagram stories post is that, one must be prepared for anything that life throws at you.

Here’s a timeline of the musician’s own life story depicted in snapshots on Instagram.

Click Next as we walk you through DBlack’s 15-year journey of finding both failure and success…


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