#RWMOH: Yung Pabi’s Debut Concert Was A Perfect Reflection Of The Artiste’s Talent

Yung Pabi
Yung Pabi, credit: Twitter/Yung Pabi

After seeing Yung Pabi perform as a featured act on many stages in Ghana, we finally got to see him headline his own show. 

The concert happened at Serallio and anyone who’s seen him perform before would know that anyone who went to the concert was in for a special treat.

Yung Pabi and his team had two stages set up. A small one and a wider and bigger one.

It was a different and nice touch to his already unique style of performing. It was smart too because it helped with the easy flow of artistes performing without the audience having to sit and endure short bursts of boredom.

It was also a great idea because it gave him and his crew time to set up each of his upcoming performances properly.

Pabi’s concert was a whole show and his performance was the very definition of performance. Yes, he gave us a few of the artiste jumping kind of performance but for the most part, he told a story with the music and a whole crew acting out scenes.

It was a beautiful display of showmanship. The Running With Men on Horses EP was brought to life on stage and honestly, we are even more psyched about the album now. The songs were presented with visuals that helped convey the strong message Pabi had in his songs.

His delivery, ability to connect with the audience and his flair in stagecraft was impressive to watch unfold.

The supporting artistes also gave rousing performances! Kirani Ayat, Akan, Magnom, Kojo Cue, Shaker, Lyrical Joe and more hyped up the place and were the extra spice to the whole concert.


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It was amazing watching and listening to the rising acts in the industry display their talent… that was extremely enjoyable. 

Although the show started 2hours after the time it was supposed to start, the great show made up for the irritation and disappointment in the beginning.

But the ones who were the highlight of the show, for us, was the Senku band, providing the perfect instrumentals to Yung Pabi’s lyrical dexterity.

It was an enjoyable show and an impressive one for the artiste’s first concert.

The album is still available on all platforms and you can listen and read about what we thought of it here: If You Haven’t, You Need To Try Yung Pabi’s New EP, ‘Running With Men On Horses

Watch some of the performances here:


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@kiraniayat with the ENERGY!!!!! 🔥 #RWMOH

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It’s Sunday y’all! Pay attention to his words… @yungpabimusic, from God’s perspective. #RWMOH

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