JUST IN: The Ghana Highway Authority Has Closed Accra Bound Lane Of The Aburi Road

Peduase-Ayi Mensah road
Peduase-Ayi Mensah road

Last week Friday (October 18), we reported that a landslide had occurred on the Aburi road and that motorists and pedestrians alike should take extra care when plying that route.

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That road was subsequently closed by the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) in order to clear the debris and prevent any unfortunate incident from occurring.

Just a day afterwards, the Aburi road, commonly known as the Peduase Lodge to Ayi Mensah road was reopened to traffic.

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When the road was reopened, NADMO said in a statement that technocrats have been to the scene of the incident to ascertain the cause of the mudslide, after which they can determine the best way to prevent a recurrence.

Now, it seems the Ghana Highway Authority has taken over the situation and based on advice it has announced that the Accra bound section of the road has been blocked to traffic.

As a result, the Ayi Mensah to Aburi bound road has been turned into a single carriage road to handle traffic going to and coming from.

Motorists, are to expect heavier traffic congestion than usual.

As an alternative to get in and out of Aburi, motorists may also use the Dome-Kitase-Berekusu road.

See below for the full statement:

The Ghana Highway statement
The Ghana Highway statement

Take care, people…

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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