A Man Got Shot 16 Times And Still Walked 2 Miles To A Hospital

image via healthline

Philadelphia police say it’s “miraculous” that a man shot 16 times was able to walk into the hospital two miles away.

Early Friday morning, the 27-year-old was wounded in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighbourhood. Police say it’s unclear why he was shot so many times. They haven’t been able to interview him yet.

Investigators found large calibre shell casings at the scene.

Philadelphia Police Department spokesman Sgt. Eric Gripp told CNN the man was shot:

  • five times on his right side;
  • two times in his left hip;
  • three times in his upper chest;
  • once in his right shoulder;
  • once on the right side of his neck;
  • three times on his left forearm;
  • and once on his right forearm.

Police are not identifying the man who somehow made it to Temple University Hospital and admitted himself.

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“For him to be hit that many times throughout his body … even though he’s critical, he’s expected to survive,” Chief Inspector Scott Small said. “That’s pretty miraculous.”

Police told CNN that he was in critical but stable and was undergoing surgery.

Source: CNN

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