Telling The Ghanaian Story Through The Camera: Documentary Photographers You Need To Follow Now!!


Ghana, after the post-colonial era, had a few photographers who documented the everyday life of Ghanaians, with the likes of James Barnor who specialized in documenting the unique lifestyle of Ghanaians. For some reason, we hardly see images about the post-colonial era. But the narrative is changing with modern-day photographers taking it upon themselves to tell the beautiful stories through their lenses and with the power of social media they are able to speak volumes with a particular image.

It is quite known that when the foreign media cover the state of an African country, they tend to capture the depriving areas of the country. They love to depict the poverty of a particular country.

These pictures we are about to show you, however, show the originality and diversity of Ghanaians and their way of life.

We compiled a list of  Ghanaian photographers. These are Documentary photographers who are telling our story one snap at a time:


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