Stash Those Maternity Clothes At The Back Of Your Closet. Here’s How To Make A Fashionable Statement While Pregnant!

Kelsey Adams, Patricia Bright and LaToya. Image Credit: Instagram

For some pregnant women, it’s really hard to look their best in the state they are in.

Not because they don’t want to; but because they feel sick half of the time they’re pregnant. For the few that don’t really experience the morning sicknesses, we tap into your blessings cuz from what we’ve seen, sometimes, you cannot even eat cuz everything you eat will come out of your system. You start producing so much saliva and it’s quite uncomfortable for everyone when you have to spit every 2 minutes.

But all hope isn’t lost. You still can slay when you want to. Ditch those maternity dresses and rock other clothes. You might have to buy them in a larger size since you’ve gained weight but it doesn’t mean you have to keep wearing those horrid big dresses which cover your curves and your bump!

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