Sorry But Sarkodie’s New Song Is Not For The Average ‘Detty Yourself’ Ghanaian

Sarkodie Party and Bullshh
Screenshot from Sarkodie's Part and Bullshit song

Sarkodie finally dropped the “Party and Bullsh*t” song and we are definitely impressed.

Forget what anyone else might be saying about the song.

The sark nation and their King have been hyping this song all week and we got super curious about the song, wondering what Donaeo and Idris Elba will do to Sarkodie’s song.

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Donae’O’s vocals was an interesting touch and it was pretty nostalgic hearing him sing!!!

Idris Elba rapping still dey shock us lowkey but the three men on the song was a big vibe. A special shadout to Idris for his mad love for Ghana which was evident in his lyrics!!!!

Idris, Sarkodie, Donaeo
Screenshot from Sarkodie’s “Party and Bullsh*” video

The video is amazing! They were all having so much fun, it’s infectious and the whole sound is quite different from what we were expecting. This song can easily become a hit song in the UK and is an easy club banger.

Screenshot from Sarkodie’s “Party and Bullsh*” video

The Sark nation loves the song and if there’s anyone who thinks the song isn’t a vibe, then they are just locked in the GH mentality that a song about partying should have a heavy afrobeats and an ‘I-want-to-azonto-dance-my-way’ through the whole song.

Part and Bullshit is a whole mood and we are here for it all!

Get the song on all streaming platforms and watch the video here:


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