#DaddyGoals: 6 Times John Dumelo Made Our Ovaries Scream

Photo: Dumelo and his son//Instagram

John Dumelo is easily one of the people’s favourites in Ghana.

True – he’s been involved in a few scandals and what not but at the end of the day, everyone keeps loving him and that probably has to do with his personality and social media presence.

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John Dumelo recently broke every girl’s heart when he got married last year and became a father to a beautiful baby boy, John Dumelo Jnr.

A year later, John Dumelo’s son is already a year old and these pictures of the actor turned politician is all you need to make you call your girl and say “Let’s have a baby!”

Ladies…keep your ovaries in check because they are about to scream!!!

john dumelo
image via Instagram//@Missgeeonly


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