ATU: How To Make Good Use Of Your Time During This Strike Period


Hey Peeps, the ongoing lecturers’ strike has paralyzed learning for the past few weeks in all technical universities in Ghana leaving students stranded.

However, in as much as learning is has come to a standstill, the students are provided with a vast period and window of opportunity to do positive things to add to one’s academic portfolio and career experience and your personal life goals. These are a few activities to do:

  • Complete Your Academic Research ProjectThis goes to all final year students looking to graduate this year. Now is the time to do your field evaluations, research and consultation as you have a window of time without lecture disruptions and impromptu campus schedule on your way. This is the time to get it right and finish the project.
  • Read! Read! And ReadReading helps a lot in gaining new knowledge. This is the time to read the huge pack of lecture notes and novels gathering dust on your shelves. Reading also entertains, well, you will have a very costless opportunity to entertain yourself.
  • Add and Lose Weight.The Ghanaian social lifestyle has been changing for the past decade. Ladies want to be slim while men are after packs and bodybuilding. Well, for the heavy guys, it’s time to hit the road and gym and get your definite body and for the thin ones, it’s time to eat and work out.
  • Get Close to GodStudents have the habit of complaining and insisting that they are always busy 24-7 and that they can’t finding time to go to church. Well, now you have the opportunity to find your way back again to God. You have Monday to Sunday for free, read a bible verse per day, go for bible studies and visit the Church to pray as God is the key to everything you seek in life.

Here are just a few things you could do during this TUTAG strike.


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