UG: Sources Say The Alleged Kwapong Hall Rapist Was ‘Not Himself’ That Night

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A suspected rapist was caught in the Alexander Kwapong Hall late last night.

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The alleged rapist has been identified as Abraham, a Shepherd in the First Love church. spoke to a student who knows the suspected rapist. She mentioned that he had been acting weird that night.

Apparently, the room where he almost allegedly raped the girl is not the only room he went to that night. He is said to have gone to another room to invite them to his church’s midweek service. That was when they realized that he was ‘not himself’.

In that room, he took one of the girls’ money, counted it multiple times and insisted he will return it to the owner. He then went to their washroom and walked out without using the washroom.

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He went on to another room where he demanded and snatched one of the girls’ phone, asked for water and proceeded to fetch their water with his bucket. When the girls protested, he reportedly pushed one of the girls and slapped her bum as she tried to run away.

He left their room and proceeded into the room where the alleged attempted rape incident happened.

According to the source, the girls tried following him to reclaim the phone he took but they noticed one girl run out of the room he entered most likely because he was ‘acting weird’ and then, they heard another girl scream.

That was when the entire incident escalated.


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