UG Lecturer Prof. Daniel Bruce Sarpong Appointed Member Of UN-FAO Food Security Committee


Prof. Daniel Bruce Sarpong, Dean of the School of Agriculture, College of Basic and Applied Sciences, has been nominated to the membership of the Steering Committee of the High-Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE) of the UN-FAO from 2019-2021.

The High-Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) on food security and nutrition was created as part of the reform of the international governance of food security to advise the Committee on the World Food Security (CFS) which is the foremost intergovernmental and international platform dealing with food security and nutrition.

An important part of this reform was the creation of the HLPE to keep CFS updated with worldwide knowledge and abreast of emerging trends in the food security that leads to more informed policy debates and improves the quality, effectiveness and coherence of food security and nutrition policies from local to international levels.

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Key functions of the HLPE are to assess and analyze the current state of food security and nutrition and its underlying cause; provide scientific and knowledge-based analysis and advice on specific policy-relevant issues, utilizing existing high quality research, data and technical studies as well as identify emerging issues, and help members prioritize future and attentions on key focal area.

Nomination into the Steering Committee, which is composed of 15 internationally recognized experts in a variety of food security and nutrition-related fields, is done by governments, institutions or organisations of the nominees.  Prof. Sarpong was nominated officially by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana.

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Even though members of the Steering Committee are nominated by governments, institutions or organizations, the members serve in their individual capacities and not as representatives of the nominating institutions.

Congratulations to Prof Sarpong!


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