2. “Nothing Was The Same”

nothing was the same drake
“Nothing Was The Same” was released on September 24, 2013//Cash Money Records

Only Drake could build a tracklist that has a timelessly seductive love song (“Hold On We’re Going Home”), career-defining hype anthems (“Worst Behavior,” “Started From the Bottom”), emo slow jams (“Own It,” “Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2”), on top of an audacious six-minute intro (“Tuscan Leather”) and somehow turn it into his most focused, sonically cohesive album ever.

“Nothing Was The Same” is a true standout in Drake’s catalogue because, as Billboard’s Andrew Unterberger writes, “the LP in its entirety is stronger than just its highlights in isolation: It’s the Drake album with the most consistent vibe throughout, the one where the songs most feel like they’re all stemming from the same moment.”


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