6. “More Life”

more life drake
“More Life” was released on March 18, 2017//Cash Money Records

Drake continues to insist that “More Life” is a “playlist,” not an album — perhaps as an attempt to exempt it from lists like this one since it’s so difficult to compare to his other works.

The triumph of “More Life” is its ability to absorb many different sounds and spotlight many different artists. With its rich production and fun list of collaborators, it has plenty of bright spots.

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But if Drake’s most consistent critique is that his albums are too bloated, too long, and too uneven to justify it, then “More Life” fails spectacularly. It doesn’t even feel like a Drake album because it’s 80 minutes of other artists showing him up, 80 minutes of genres and styles that only work with him as a feature. It lacks a central genius, as well as most of the quirks that make Drake Drake.


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