8 Drake Albums Ranked From The Worst To The Best

Drake's Nothing Was The Same album art

Ever since Drake signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money label in 2009, he has proven himself a singularly dominant force, reigning over the charts with few signs of stopping.

Put simply, his discography is legendary. Every single project he’s released since his major-label debut has shot to No. 1 and outsold anyone’s wildest expectations.

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His discography is also highly contentious. Beyond listening to his music on repeat, Drake’s fans passionately disagree about everything: One person’s favourite Drake album is “easily Drake’s worst” for another.

To make matters even more complicated, Drake has shifted the very ways in which we define and judge albums. He releases record-breaking, studio-quality projects but calls them “mixtapes.” Sometimes he calls them “playlists.” He reinvents himself so often that it’s almost impossible to compare his bodies of work from year to year.

But let’s do it anyway. For our purposes, a Drake “album” is anything he released after signing with a major label (which means “So Far Gone” is ineligible. Sorry). Click ‘Next’ to see them ranked from worst to best.


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