Looks Like Rihanna And Drake Have Reunited

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Though Drake’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow, 24th October, the rapper decided to celebrate early with some friends on Monday night.

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Surprisingly, one of those friends who popped out to the Los Angeles nightclub was none other than Rihanna, who “made an appearance and stayed for several hours,” a source told E! News. “She was with two girlfriends and was escorted to Drake’s table by security. She and Drake were talking for a while and were smiling and laughing. It seemed like a very pleasant interaction and they looked like they were having fun together as friends.”

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“Rihanna was dancing to the music and bobbing her head and seemed to be in a good mood. The whole vibe was very chill,” the source added. “Drake had a huge smile on his face and looked excited to see Rihanna when she arrived.” In addition to popping bottles of Dom Perignon and Hennessy, he also ordered McDonald’s french fries and chicken nuggets to the club.

RiRi’s appearance was a bit unexpected, in part because she and Drake have a long and complicated romantic history. The rapper experienced a real Sorry to This Man moment in May 2018, when the Rihanna touched on her relationship with him, telling Vogue, “We don’t have a friendship now, but we’re not enemies either. It is what it is.”

Source: Complex

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