Here Are 5 Movies Pelé Has Starred In

Pelé (credit: blog.ticketmaster)
Pelé (credit: blog.ticketmaster)

Brazilian football legend, Pelé turned 79 today.

Pelé, who has won the  FIFA World Cup 3-times is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time.

However, one thing people do not know about him is that he’s starred in quite a lot of movies.

They Weren’t Just Good With Their Feet, They Were Great Actors Too! Here Are 5 Football Legends Who Starred In Movies

To celebrate him on his birthday, we have put together 5 movies which he has starred in.

Check them out:

Os Trapalhões e o Rei do Futebol (1986)

Os Trapalhões e o Rei do Futebol is a Brazilian comedy film released in 1986, directed by Carlos Manga with the humoristic group Os Trapalhões. It was watched by about 3.6 million people in 1986.


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