Shatta Wale’s Wonder Boy Album: A Story Of The Journey To Greatness


Shatta Wale started the hype for his Wonder Boy album, months ago. There were rumours that he was even going to feature Cardi B and everyone was eager to see it happen but…the tracklist came with no Cardi B.

We lowkey thought he would reveal surprise features when the album dropped but, he was right. The Wonder Boy album had no features.

On the 19th of October, Shatta Wale dropped the Wonder Boy album and officially launched it at the Fantasy Dome at his Reign concert.

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The title of the album, Wonder Boy is in tune with the theme of the whole album: “a rejected stone that has become the strongest pillar”

The intro, The Postman Intro is a powerful one.

The spoken word basically talked about Shatta Wale’s musical journey from the time he gave us Moko Hoo to his current status as one of the biggest artistes in Ghana, to a globally acknowledged artiste. The tone, the beat behind it…the poet catches your attention and his voice makes you pay close attention to his words.

It easily makes you impressed and actually gets you to better appreciate Shatta Wale’s struggle and his achievements.

The 13 track album has two songs that were released before the album’s launch date: Melissa and Ay3 Halfcast.

The album, just like Reign, seems to be divided into two parts. The afrobeats Shatta Wale and The Dancehall Shatta Wale.

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Shatta Wale pulled a Beyonce with short messages (Skits) and snippets from his Joy FM interview in the whole album.

The first skit, Ay3 Halfcast talks about how people didn’t believe he will get to the height he’s reached in the music industry. On Be Afraid, he explained that his business approach to his music career and the use of social media to get his music across has contributed to his dreams becoming a reality. The Joy FM interview snippet talked about Shatta Wale’s father and how he has contributed to him becoming the man he is today.

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Every single song is an obvious hit and we know that by the time the year ends, everyone will be singing to all of his songs.

Our favourite off the album would be the last song, Blessings Upon Me…such an energy-filled song with positive vibes that should get you hyped. We loved By All Means too because it appealed to our inner Naija. That song is the perfect song to connect with his fans in Nigeria if you ask us.

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For us, this album is proof of Shatta Wale’s growth. We will take this over the Reign album any day. We were quite disappointed that there were fewer dancehall songs on this album and even though we knew Borjor will not be on the album, we think it would have made a perfect fit.


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