Exclusive! Nana Akua Addo Told Us What Inspired Her Iconic Glitz Outfit


Last Saturday, our fashion queen, Nana Akua Addo broke the internet again with the outfit she wore to the Glitz Africa Fashion Week which was held at the Kempinski Hotel.

If you were under a rock (cuz everyone has seen her pictures, even Nigerian blogs have done stories on her), here’s a picture of Nana Akua Addo.

Nana Akua Addo at the Glitz Africa Fashion Week

Everyone was wondering where she got her inspiration from cuz let’s face it, this isn’t your regular fashion week look. She always manages to think outside the box with all her looks.

Well, we did an article asking where she got the inspiration from and if it was from Cardi B since Cardi had a similar look during Paris fashion week.

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Well, we got the tea from the Queen herself and it wasn’t Cardi B.

In a conversation with Nana Akua Addo on Instagram, she told Kuulpeeps.com that her look was actually inspired by Checking Invoices, a duo consisting of a fashion stylist and a video maker in real life, but in the project, they are an imaginary no gender model and a photographer.

Image from @checking_invoices on Instagram

This project was born because of the type of era we live in. There are so many unrealistic beauty standards we all have to live up to just to be able to fit in.

Image from @checking_invoices on Instagram

They capitalised on the fact that anonymity was one of the most powerful tools for those seeking to escape the shallow trappings of social media and the Internet culture. Concealing your true identity can relieve the pressure of getting liked for how we look and stop us from seeking approval.

Makes a lot of sense right?

We stan a queen who leaves us with a deeper message even though the rest of the world thinks “It’s just fashion”.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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