10 Things Doctors, Travellers And Lifeguards Don’t Want You To Wear On A Plane


6. New sneakers

10 Things Doctors, Travelers, and Lifeguards Don’t Advise Wearing on a Plane
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Remember that there is a chance your legs will swell: choose shoes that you know are comfortable because you have worn them before. Even the most comfortable new sneakers may become too tight when you are in the air. Also, shoes for the flight should be closed-toe shoes. You will have to stand in lines, get through the crowds of people, and so on. Be ready for this. Slippers or open sandals are not good options because you might hurt your feet. And shoes that are hard to put on and take off will cost you a lot of time during the security check. Also, don’t forget about socks — they will keep you warm when it gets cold onboard.


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