10 Things Doctors, Travellers And Lifeguards Don’t Want You To Wear On A Plane


1. Tight clothes

10 Things Doctors, Travelers, and Lifeguards Don’t Advise Wearing on a Plane
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A flight is a type of stress on the body. And our blood vessels are under most of that stress. The reason behind this is the pressure changes and the necessity to spend a long time in a fairly small chair. What makes matters worse is tight clothing. As a result of wearing something too tight, blood circulation becomes less effective. Doctors even have a special term for this — economy class syndrome.

By the way, this syndrome can even develop if you fly with your own jet. Once, Lady Gaga had to change her clothes because the flight attendants asked her to. Her extravagant costume could’ve caused some serious health problems when the plane gained altitude. In this situation, doctors recommend that passengers choose looser clothes and wear compression socks.

When pursuing maximum comfort, don’t forget: loose things are good with doctors, but not always with security. Passengers in overly loose pants and big hoodies may be hiding something illegal under their clothes, so security at the airport is always more attentive to them.

Also, when choosing clothes, you should opt for natural fabrics. Synthetics may irritate the skin on the dry air of the plane. And synthetics are not the best choice in case of a fire.


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